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Majestic Strength Institute is a specialty, premium personal training studio located in the heart of Old Woodbridge Village.  Offering 1-on-1, partner, and small group training & online programs based on comprehensive, progressive, customized prescriptions to suit clients' needs & goals.



Located at the corner of Woodbridge Ave & Kipling Ave, this studio represents the realization of a lifelong dream & the accumulation of over 25yrs of passion & experience in this industry.  

The goal of MSI is to provide a premium level of service, with customized fitness & lifestyle solutions for clients of all levels, wherever you may be in your own personal journey to health.  Programs are structured to clients' needs, goals & specifications to have improvements in our quality of life, feeling increased vitality & energy, and feeling strong & healthy (not weak and frail).  A well balanced approached incorporating mind, body, and soul are the true keys to success in achieving a state of overall health.

Equipment & Service


With a strong commitment to offering premium, high quality equipment & a dedication to ongoing continuing education, MSI is looking to take it's rightful place at the top of the industry.  Current premium equipment offering includes: Atlantis olympic lifting platform with Rogue competition plates, Poliquin power rack with standard & thick wide/narrow grip pullup bars, Atlantis uni-lateral leg curl, Atlantis glute/ham raise, Schwinn spin cycle, TRX suspension trainer, adjustable platform, landmine & more!

Ongoing education allows us to stay on top of the latest, most specific & efficient methods to be able to  achieve not only a strong, healthy body, but also the right mindset & inner balance that is required for our journey to be established as a lifelong commitment & lifestyle, vs the crash & burn fads that set us up for injury & ongoing yo-yo battles with our weight.

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